Investment Criteria


Our Focus


Smart Sensors – for super ease of use, offline to online commerce and Internet of Things (IoT) enabling

Medical/Wellness Solutions – Including medical devices for new personalized services and significant medical care cost reduction

Robotics/Artificial Intelligence – Fundamental and advanced technologies for process and methodology revolution

Advanced Network Technologies – Breakthrough Network Technologies for new data center infrastructure and end-to-end performance

Investment Stage

Generally early stage investment with the flexibility for funding through multiple stages


We primarily invest in start-ups in the U.S. Our current portfolio companies are located primarily in Silicon Valley and the Boston area. We do not limit our region but rather seek to be inclusive of exceptional entrepreneurs.

Our Strategy

We believe that sound business fundamentals are the requirements for sound business. We believe that great ideas and innovations are created each day in North America. We believe that bountiful opportunities exist for market and operations expansion across the globe.

The company that can synthesize all three of these building blocks is a company that can build lasting leadership in the worldwide business arena. That is why, when we invest, we look for North American technology companies that embrace these basic tenets for success:

  • Proprietary, innovative technologies and unique intellectual property
  • Potential for widespread adoption in a large, receptive market
  • Clear and sustainable competitive advantage
  • A dynamic, cooperative management team with proven experience, integrity, and responsiveness
  • A feasible business model to rapidly achieve market leadership and significant growth in valuation
  • A sound exit strategy that combines the interests of founders and investors

Our Value-Add

Our philosophy at iD Ventures America is to dedicate our full resources to nurture investments into long-term successes. We are selective in our investments to ensure they each receive sufficient bandwidth and resources from us. Respecting the corporate independence of our portfolio companies, we seek to cooperate rather than control. We respect and encourage entrepreneurship by offering this value add once we invest:

  • Broad and deep general management experiences (consumers to enterprises) for exclusive, hands-on relationship with portfolio companies
  • Broad and solid technology understanding coupled with business model design and innovation
  • Global knowledge and networks of upstream and downstream partners for leverage and value chain optimization
  • Global networking for financing needs from seed funding to exit